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Andi Breunig

I'm Andi and have been in competition in fitness and sports beginning in high school and continuing into college, graduate school (I have a Master of Science in Human Performance) and continuing up to today.
I got a great start in winning the whole show at my first competition. The NPC Wisconsin fitness championships. That first win inspired me through scores of other competition, including the NPC Figure Division for women. I qualified as and IFBB Pro, a dream of mine since the beginning.
Today as a personal trainer, fitness consultant and spokesmodel I love sharing my experience with others and guiding them toward a healthy and fit lifestyle. My motto is simple: "Do it, move it , make things happen! No one ever sat their way to success!"
I hope you share my enthusiasm for the fitness and competition world. Best to all of you,

email: andifit@hotmail.com

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