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Hello, thank's for clicking in. We are Ivana and Juliana or just simple call us the Bulgaritwins, which brings us to our second "thank you note". Thank's also to Robert Amstler a dear friend of us since years who told us about bodybuildingnetwork.com. Robert met us years ago at the premier party to the movie "Blow" and figured out the name we now use. Since our hertiage is from Bulgaria, Bulgaritwins sounds just logical to go with he said. Anyway here we are now, even though in Europe we are considered as super models, we love to do fun stuff and since we are always in shape and love going to the gym we consider fitness shoots as fun. We hope our pictures incourage you for getting in shape too and wish you that all the wonderful things you are wishing for will come true.

Dearest wishes from Ivana and Juliana.

website: www.bulgaritwins.com

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