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Sharon Gaines

Hi, my name is Sharon Gaines

I started boxing in June 2001 and had my first amateur fight that July. After two years of amateur competition I had earned two Golden Gloves Championships (Seattle, WA 2003, 125lbs; Kansas City 2003, 119lbs) and won a Title Belt at 125lbs at the Rindside National Tournament (largest amateur boxing event in the world).

I made my professional debut 11-24-03 in Kansas City and won. Have now had 3pro fights and another one scheduled for June. I enjoy the variety boxing brings to my workouts (jumping rope, shadow boxing, bag work, sparring, track drills and all sorts of plyometrics). Members at my gym constantly tell me I should compete in fitness or bodybuilding, but my passion is being in the ring on fight night rouging it up...no other feeling like it.

If interested please contact me:
email: Boxerchick1@hotmail.com

Thanks for your time,

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