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We comb through thousands of pages of industry news to bring you solid, well-researched items of special interest, updated on a regular basis for your benefit—and enjoyment.

Keeping Current

February 23, 2005

Speeding up research into methamphetamine
Read about: Why $27 million is being spend on crystal speed research
Enough to give you heartburn
Read about: At $13.5 billion a year, the heartburn drug market is on a roll
Your best reason so far to quit
Read about: The female brain on nicotine

February 21, 2005

Trans fats-transparently bad
Read about: What the government is finally telling us about those fats
An apple a day the McDonald way
Read about: What happens when McDonald starts buying apples
Taking time to smell-the fries
Read about: Science tells you why you can't resist a fry
Another good reason for cooling it
Read about: Who says you can't die from stress? Not these scientists
Stay with the grape
Read about: Preventing food poisoning may be another reason for liking wine

November 19, 2004

Running made us what we are
Read about: What new research says about the enduring value of endurance running
No ifs or ands...but plenty of butts
Read about: What do human have that other monkeys don't?
Sucking up to you
Read about: Are leaches the next miracle drug?
Got you by the short hairs
Read about: What we are learning about the falling sperm count
Trusting your 'sixth sense'
Read about: Proprioception comes into its own
Breathing easy after breathing hard
Read about: In addition to everything else, can sex give you a heart attack?

October 11, 2004

You and the laws of thermodynamics
Read about: What you eat today really does walk and talk tomorrow
All tied up in knots
Read about: The whys and wherefores of muscle spasms
New drug or new drag on the market?
Read about: Learning from the Vioxx debacle

October 03, 2004

Botox goes to court
Read about: Are you trading your wrinkles for yet another ‘life-altering’ headache?
Biking urban-style
Read about: Can you actually wheel your way through the urban mess?
Even Republicans do it
Read about: Why windsurfing has crossed party lines

June 08, 2004

The stay-at-homes
Read about: New data on where all the fitness club people went

June 02, 2004

Fuel for mind and body
Read about: What science says about eating and losing weight
Three squares versus what?
Read about: How many meals a day do you need?

May 25, 2004

Gout and the high protein diet
Read about: An ancient disease meets a bodybuilder’s diet
You caught it where?
Read about: Some sound advice on toilet seats
Magnesium, everyone?
Read about: A remarkable role for an old standby
Do you know really what you’re doing?
Read about: New studies show that reality is way ahead of us, and gaining
A really bad hair day
Read about: Studies with mice says it’s a bad gene that does it

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