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Anthony Catanzano

Good to meet you all!
I'm Anthony Catanzano, but I also answer to Tony. I started my fitness career in 1996 but I have managed to do a lot of work that I am proud of: winning Mr. Fitness Champion in '97, Natural Bodybuilding, Middle Champion in '98 and similar titles in '01 and '02. In addition I've had great luck appearing on TV shows, working as a professional model, being featured on magazine covers and in several movies. A busy schedule, but I do get time to do some of the things I really like, such as continuing my career as a professional dancer, getting involved with people as a trained motivator and, to keep up to speed, cooking for myself and friends. When the cooking doesn't impress my guests, I entertain them with my repertory of voice and personality impersonations. Sometimes they come back for seconds.

Website: www.anthonycatanzaro.com

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