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Jason Johnson

I’m Jason Johnson and I really appreciate having a chance to tell you something about my background—which is a bit unusual for the average bodybuilder/model, I think. I am, of course, both of those, and in fact am currently in two feature action/adventures films due for release this year. I guess one highlight of my high school career was capturing the state wrestling title and being awarded the black belt in tae kwon do. Like most young bodybuilders I was inspired by movies like the Rocky series and Conan—but then I joined the U.S. Marines and found out what it was really like! I stuck with it, however, and earned the Platoon “Ironman” award and served in an elite group with duties ranging from peace keeping to standing an honor guard for President Clinton. After my Marine service I continued with martial arts and wrestling and became the IKF National Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion. In Bangkok I won the IFMA World Super Heavyweight, Muay Thai Kickboxing title. Like everyone else, I’ve taken the kicks as well as given them—that’s why I hope you will keep in touch with me through my Web site. It’s great to know that somehow your own experience makes a different to other people, which is proof that we are all together on this wonderful adventure called life.

email:     jasonscottjohnson@hotmail.com
Web site: jscottjohnson.net

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