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Julian Fantechi

Hello out there!
My name is Julian Fantechi and I am a fitness model, personal trainer, model who has been featured in many of the most important magazines, including Men’s Health and Men’s Workout, have appeared on TV, in commercials, etc., etc. All this may sound familiar to you, but I think my career has been somewhat out of the usual. I decided I would put myself on a course that would incorporate by bodybuilding and fitness principles and my lifestyle into work that could benefit others, especially young children who are really I need of good models—role models, that is. That’s why I decided to continue my education by getting a Masters Degree (New York University) in Pediatric Occupational Therapy. I now work in the New York school system as a specialist in pediatrics. At the same time I am keeping up a full schedule of workouts, personal training, modeling assignments…life can be as busy as you want to make it---all you have to do is keep an open mind and set realistic goals, or goals as idealistic as you want to work to achieve.

website: jewls7@email.com
website: www.julianfantechi.com

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