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Rich Billingsley

Fitness is a true passion of mine and from an early age, I began participating in team sports. My father was both a high school and college coach and from the age of 7, I was involved in Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Track & Field. I enjoyed great success as a high school football player and was fortunate enough to receive a college football scholarship. At that point in my life, I discovered how valuable nutrition, resistance training and card iovascular exercise was and how when combined, they significantly enhanced my athletic performance and physique. After graduating college, I entered the business world and continued to workout consistently. A few years ago, I began doing fitness modeling and have done dozens of shoots with Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, Suplement Companies, and Online Supplement Wholesalers. By day, I'm an Executive Recruiter for one of the world's largest financial services sompanies, but my true passion leads me either to the gym for an intense workout or to the track or football field for a sprint workout. I take pride in maintaining a balance in my life in that I continually seek both mental and physical challenges. Since fitness is my calling, I always stay in top shape and am ready for shoots. I look forward to working with you.

email: rich_billingsley@countrywide.com

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