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Robert Amstler

Hallo und Servus! as the Austrians would say. Maybe even Ciao! as my nona(grandmother) from Italy would say.

It was a mere seven years ago that I was hanging out in a sleepy Austrian berg called Vienna, working on commercials and modeling for, among others, Diesel clothing. Then a miracle happened and I was in California, spokesperson and model for one of the biggest U.S exercise equipment companies. From there it was like climbing up and down those old Austrian mountains all over again. Nothing to regret, of course, because "Finally I can speak fluent English. Yeah!" May your dearest wishes come true as mine are beginning to.
Tschuess, Ciao and See Ya!

Winner of the Weider Model Quest 2000 and Kennedy's Model Quest Universe 2002 in fitness
Featured on the covers of leading fitness publications
Arnold Schwarzenegger's body double in the feature film Terminator 3 (working 6 months on the set)
Actor on numerous Movies, TV shows and commercials, including the Emmy Award winning The Daily Show.

Web site: robertamstler.com

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