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Tammie Leady

Hello and thanks for visiting! I'm Tammie Leady, sometimes known as Atlanta's "Fittest Female," although I hope you'll think of me as something more. Fitness certainly has been a major goal of mine for the last 16 years (and I have the titles to prove it), but I have also worked hard at my modeling career, with feature spots in such magazines as Muscle and fitness, M&F Hers, Ironman, Oxygen and Today's Black Woman. You might also have seen me on TV and in some of appearances as a fitness expert on the Jack Harris show live from Busch Gardens. When I am not modeling or training I love to rollerblade and cycle and-Yes, I confess-write poetry. Just as important to me is the time I spend motivating others, especially kids in the inner city, to work toward their fitness and health lifestyle goals. Good luck and blessings to all of you.

website: www.tleady.com

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