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Roland Kickinger

Hello! I'm Roland Kickinger and you might have seen me on my own website or in one of my TV appearances (I was on "Son of the Beach") or you may have even seen me in one of my modeling jobs. Yes, I've had a a wiff of that "sweet smell of success," but let me tell you that it all began with the not-so-sweet smell of the first gym I worked out in Vienna as a teen: a basement room with no windows and no ventilation. But that is where I learned the discipline that would pay off. I must admit, before California and all the rewards that came, were years of hard work. Among other jobs, I worked as a busboy on a cruise ship and believe me, it was not The Love Boat. When I had any free time, it would be spent in the ship's gym. Then came America: I got to know Venice, California, where I had my own beach house (on four wheels, of course). Today, with some success behind me, I'm not reluctant to admit that those were hard times, but what got me through was the kindness of good friends and my determination to not compromise my dream, and to never give up on myself, never settling for anything but the best that ceaseless hard work could bring. I hope my life story and my photos will be some inspiration to you, inspiring you to protect your purpose in life as I have mine.

Website: www.kickinger.com

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