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Keeping Current

May 5, 2004

Stretching the truth
Read about: New data, new controversy about when and how to stretch
“Cheeseburger bill” and what they might cost
Read about: Food manufacturers tighten up for the obesity challenge
When to watch your cholesterol level
Read about: Like everything else, there’s a time and place for testing cholesterol

February 29,04

Anti-aging creams: it takes one to know one
Read about: When it comes to picking the best of the pick of creams that turn back the clock, ask those keeping time
Measuring up-way up!
Read about: Taking a tape measure to America, hips, waist, chest, bust and all

February 26, 2004

Not just another six pack
Read about: Let science reassure you-it's not just brawn you're building.
Passing steroids right up
Read about: Steroid may take a back seat to genetic manipulation.
Ephedra, not likely to become ephemeral
Read about: The government has banned most ephedra, but it long will linger
Chocolate freaks, unite!
Read about: Will that chocolate bar become your heart's best friend?
The Atkins waffle
Read about: Some back-peddling on fats from the Atkins diet people
Low-carb math
Read about: What you get when you go low-carb
Sugaring the pot
Read about: Some sour statistics on sugar consumption
Calories burned-or not
Read about: Another study confirms what your mother told you about exercise and weight
Losing sleep over it
Read about: A better approach than sleeping pills may help insomniacs
Size matters
Read about: What those new clothing sizes are telling us

February 10, 2004

Let the sun shine in!
Read about: Why you need sunshine to build better bones.
The little guy had it right!
Read about: Sleep as a natural fat burner
Tea, anyone?
Read about: Science finds remarkable power in a teacup
The real reason why
Read about: Weight lifting and heart disease
There's good news, and then there's…
Read about: New data on the male/female gender gap
Water, water, everywhere…
Read about: Danger of over-hydration
Which one for the road?
Read about: Drinking wine is a cardio-protector
On Blueberry Hill
Read about: Blueberries and mental acuity
It's all mental-pretty close
Read about: Muscle growth and the central nervous system
Timing is everything
Read about: How long should you lift
Going gaga over GAA?
Read about: Finding out how guanidinoacetate works
Depression: it figures
Read about: A natural way to fight the blues
The next tobacco
Read about: Fighting obesity in court
Catch that curve
Read about: Senior citizens in the fitness center

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